At most law firms that handle small business matters, the relationship ends when you sign your documents. At Philadelphia Small Business Lawyer – Stuart A. Mickelberg, Esq., we see the review or preparation of your business documents as the beginning of our relationship with you and your business.

Over time, your business will inevitably will change and grow; we know for sure that the law will change. Your plan for your business must accommodate all of these changes in order to make sure your business continues on its path to success. If your business documents are not periodically reviewed and not properly updated over time, your documents become worthless… worth no more than the paper they were printed on. And the costs of failing to update are typically far greater than keeping your documents current.

With each of our small business clients we include a no-charge one year review of your business’s legal documents to ensure that as your business grows and changes, your business’s legal documents change as well. We also offer an annual membership program for clients that desire even more service. Whether you participate in one of our annual membership programs or not, we keep all our clients updated about changes in the law and issues that might affect the success of their business.

Find out more about me and my approach to providing legal services to individuals and small businesses. You should be comfortable that your lawyer is someone that is in your corner and be confident that we are a good fit to work with one another.

As always, email me at info@phillysmallbizlawyer or call me at: 215-914-6880 at any time for small business legal help, or fill out the online contact form.